Tropica CO2 Diffuser

Small acrylic CO2 diffuser for aquariums

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  • CO2 diffuser that creates a fine mist of bubbles
  • Set features diffuser, suction cups and tubing
  • Suitable for all size aquariums
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Tropica CO2 Diffuser helps your aquarium dissolve carbon dioxide quickly.

What is Tropica CO2 Diffuser?

Tropica CO2 Diffuser is an effective way for CO2 to enter your aquarium. Small and elegant, this diffuser creates a fine mist of bubbles which is essential to the efficient use of CO2 gas in your aquarium water. Made from high-quality acrylic and a special ceramic membrane, Tropica CO2 Diffuser comes with suction cups and a hose.

How does this CO2 diffuser work?

For best results, it is best to soak your Tropica CO2 Diffuser for 24 hours before use, so that fine mist will form from the start. The number of CO2 bubbles per minute can then be observed in the chamber under the ceramic disc, allowing you to accurately track how much CO2 is currently being added.

What are the benefits of using a CO2 diffuser?

As carbon is one of the building blocks of life, carbon dioxide is fundamental to all plant growth. Add it to your aquarium and your plants will thrive. CO2 deficiency in aquariums affects plants. Providing them with extra CO2 and good light, as well as other nutrients, will ensure they grow large, strong, and healthy.

Diffusers are an effective way of introducing CO2 into an aquarium. As CO2 is forced through the porous medium, it breaks down into a fine mist of bubbles. As a result, your aquarium water column can more easily disperse the bubbles. Your filter will then push the bubbles downward, allowing them to diffuse more effectively.

Material Acrylic, ceramic membrane
Suitable for All aquariums
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