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Aqua One Platform 21

A stylish 21 litre freshwater aquarium

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At a glance...
  • Stylish aquarium for freshwater aquariums
  • Includes lighting and external filter
  • 21 litre aquarium, perfect for a micro aquascape
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The Platform 21 sits on a raised black base, raising the actual glass tank up so as to appear as though the tank is floating over the base. The sharp edge corners add a modern tint to the design, and it fits perfectly on the Inspire 40 cabinet, which you can purchase separately.

The built in 2 stage filtration is all encased into a column at the back, so there is no space wasted within the tank itself. The filter comes with easy change replaceable filter cartridges, which you can just remove and replace as required, with no messy sponge cleaning.

The LED lighting hood sits on top of the tank, with easy touch on-off button, and comes with both Blue Moonlight and White LEDs, giving you the choice of separate night time lighting for evening viewing. The entire top surface of the tank is a removable glass lid, so this has complete access for easy cleaning and maintenance, meaning you don't have to worry about awkward glass cleaning, and it is also really easy to arrange decorations.

Now also available in a Limited Edition White range - grab yours whilst you can!

Key Features

  • Fully accessible glass top lid
  • Fully integrated and highly efficient back filter houses the circulation pump for a tidy finish
  • Floating appearance sat on raised base
  • Complete with Day and Night LED lighting
  • Tank measures 40cm x 25cm x 25cm
  • Optional Inspire Cabinet measures 40cm x 40cm x 75cm
  • 21l Tank Volume
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