Swell Coldwater Fish Food Bundle

Collection of foods suitable for Coldwater fish

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  • Nutritious food designed for your coldwater fish
  • High in protein and promotes growth
  • Strengthens immune system and prevents against diseases.
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What is the Swell Coldwater Fish Food Bundle?

The Swell Coldwater Fish Food Bundle is a collection of foods designed for your Goldfish and other coldwater fish, they will ensure that all your fish will receive the nutrients they need to survive and grow while also containing treats for your fish which will boost their immune system and metabolism so will help prevent against diseases

What is included in this bundle?

How do this bundle benefit your fish?

This bundle contains Swell Goldfish Flakes and Swell Goldfish Granules, these will allow your fish to get a complete nutritional diet. They will promote growth in your Goldfish and will boost your fish’s immune system which will allow them to prevent diseases and live a longer and happier life. Also included in this bundle are Swell Freeze Dried Tubifex and Swell Freeze Dried Bloodworms, these are complimentary treats that can be fed alongside your fish’s complete diet. They will provide your fish with an additional protein boost which will allow them to grow to their full potential and will boost their immune systems to help prevent diseases. Bloodworms are natural colour enhancers and so will allow your Goldfish to show off their beautiful colours in the aquarium. Bloodworms are also beneficial to Goldfish as they act as a laxative and will aid constipation which a lot of goldfish suffer from due to them eating too much dried food.

How much should you feed of these foods?

For each other these foods you should feed a few times a day in very small portions and care needs to be taken so that overfeeding does not occur as this will have very negative effects on your fish. Only feed an amount that can be eaten fully within a few minutes

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