Swell Freeze Dried Bloodworm

Nutritious protein-rich bloodworms

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  • High-quality complementary food for use as a treat alongside a complete diet
  • Suitable for use in all freshwater and marine aquariums
  • Strengthens immune system so helps prevent against diseases
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What is Swell Freeze Dried Bloodworm?

Swell Freeze Dried Bloodworms are high-quality bloodworms and are great for feeding small to medium-sized fish in both fresh and saltwater. They help make your fish's colours brighter and boost their immune system to prevent sickness and vitamin deficiencies. Bloodworms are particularly recommended for fish, such as Goldfish, suffering from constipation as they can encourage movement.

How does Swell Freeze Dried Bloodworm help your fish?

  • The Bloodworms will provide a boost in protein for your fish
  • Will boost your fish's immune system and helps prevent against bacterial and parasitic diseases
  • Bloodworm can act as a laxative and so can aid constipation in your fish.

What are the benefits of the Swell Freeze Dried Bloodworm

The Swell Freeze Dried Bloodworms will provide many minerals and vitamins to your fish along with a good boost in protein which will aid your fish's growth and energy levels. Bloodworm can be fed to all types of small-medium sized fish but are especially amazing for Goldfish as they suffer from constipation fairly often due to them eating too much dried food. Bloodworms are a natural colour enhancer for your fish and so will make them look more attractive while swimming in your aquarium. They also boost the immune system and helps prevent against parasitic and bacterial diseases, making this a perfect treat to be used in addition to your fish's complete diet.



Several times per day in small portions.


Pure dried natural bloodworms.

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