Swell Tropical Fish Food Bundle

Collection of foods suitable for Tropical fish

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  • Bundle of complete foods for your tropical fish
  • Strengthens immune systems and helps prevents against diseases
  • Enhances the colours of your fish
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What is the Swell Tropical Fish Food Bundle?

The Swell Tropical Fish Food Bundle is a collection of foods designed for your tropical aquatic life. They are nutrient rich and provide your fish with protein to aid in their growth and also contain granules which will enhance the colouration of your aquatic life. This bundle includes granules and sinking tablets which means that all types of fish can get the nutrients they need, it also contains shrimp food so that your crustaceans can eat and receive the necessary requirements for their diet.

What is included in this bundle?

How does this benefit you fish?

The Colour Enhancing Granules are a complete food made with paprika and crustaceans which are natural colour enhancers meaning that your fish will look beautiful in your tank. The Shrimp Diet will ensure that your shrimp are healthy and vibrant and will increase their immune systems meaning that they will be able to fight against parasitic and bacterial diseases much easier.

The bundle also contains treats for your fish with the Swell Freeze Dried Tubifex and the Swell Freeze Dried Bloodworm which will further increase their growth and will help prevent against diseases and deficiencies.

How much should you feed your fish

Feed an amount that can be eaten within a few minutes and feed around 2-3 times a day to prevent against overfeeding

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