Swell Tropical Shrimp Diet

Everything your shrimp needs to thrive

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  • Complete food for your crustaceans
  • Ensures your shrimp are healthy and happy
  • Boosts immune and reproductive systems of your shrimp
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What is Swell Tropical Shrimp Diet?

The Swell Tropical Shrimp Diet is a complete diet for your small crustaceans. This food is specially formulated to support the health and well-being of your shrimp, by increasing their immune and reproductive systems, enhance their colours and helps support their metabolic system and growth.

How does this food benefit your shrimp?

  • Ensures your shrimp are healthy and vibrant
  • Contains Spirulina which is a natural colour enhancer
  • Inhibits avitaminosis and increases the immune system

How does the Swell Tropical Shrimp Diet help your crustaceans?

The Swell Tropical Shrimp Diet contains Spirulina which will allow your shrimps colour to shine as it is a natural colour enhancer meaning that it will improve the aesthetic of your aquarium. They also contain soybeans which are rich in protein, this will benefit freshly moulted shrimp as it will help them reharden their new exoskeleton much quicker.

This food will also inhibit avitaminosis which can lead to serious metabolic disorders, all of which are frequently fatal. It does this by providing the essential vitamins needed in your crustaceans diet.

How much should you feed of this food?

You should feed in small portions several times a day, and only offer as much food that can be consumed within a few minutes. Make sure that you do not overfeed as this will have negative effects on the shrimp.



Wheat, alfalfa, shrimp, soybean, kelp (5%), Spirulina (5%), spinach.

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