Dennerle Nano Shrimp Gravel Sulawesi Black

The perfect gravel for nano, mini and all shrimp aquariums

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  • Protects bottom dwellers
  • Rounded grains
  • Lightfast and CO2 resistant
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What is Dennerle Nano Gravel?

The Dennerle Nano Gravel is perfect for nano, mini and all shrimp aquariums. Its rounded edges will protect all shrimp and bottom-dwelling fish as the sharper-edged gravel will cause harm to their sensitive barbels. It can also be layered over a nutrient substance for plants.

We also offer other shrimp treatments such as the AquaVitro range which are all collected in their shrimp treatment bundle.

  • Brings out the colours of your animals.
  • 0.7-1.2mm grain size
  • CO2 resistant and lightfast

What are the features of this gravel?

The Sulawesi Black is a deep dark black colour that is lightfast meaning it will not lose its colour when exposed to light.

Due to it being hardness-free and water-neutral, it has no effect on the pH of the water so perfect for all your shrimp’s needs.

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