AquaEl H.E.L.P Advanced Shrimp Soil 3l

A substrate ideal for use with common shrimp species

At a glance...
  • Keeps pH levels stable to keep shrimp healthy
  • Releases nutrients gradually into the water
  • Creates a natural-looking but dark background
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What is AquaEl H.E.L.P Advanced Shrimp Soil 3l?

The AquaEl H.E.L.P Advanced Shrimp Soil is a substrate that is ideal for use with common shrimp species. The formula of the soil assists to stabilise the pH levels of the water, keeping them at an optimal level to support the growth of plants and shrimp, as well as supplying nutrients into the water, these nutrients can also increase activity and reproduction.

Key Features:

  • Stabilises pH levels and carbonate hardness.
  • Supplies nutrients directly to the roots of plants.
  • Easy maintenance, doesn’t require frequent changes.
  • 3L bag
  • Supports plant growth.
  • Helps keep the environment suitable for shrimp.
  • Increases shrimp activity and reproduction.

What are the benefits of this soil?

The AquaEl Shrimp soil releases nutrients constantly, but gradually, which means it does not need frequent changing or additional nutrients adding, which allows for a hassle-free substrate. 

The dark colour of the substrate allows a sharp contrast between shrimp and plants, creating a natural and beautiful look in your aquarium. The dark colours will also encourage your shrimp to become more active, as the black colour can lead them to feel safe in the dark.

How does AquaEl H.E.L.P Soil Work?

This soil substrate contains natural humic acids which slowly but consistently release into the water. These natural acids are known to benefit shrimp and plants by creating an environment they thrive in, replicating their natural environment. This soil is also known to help biological filtration in your tank, which can also support increase of beneficial bacteria, and can absorb elements which can be toxic to your shrimp. As well as helping boost clearer water, this soil has many benefits in helping support the ecosystem of your tank.

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