AquaVitro Shrimp Bundle

The ultimate starter set for freshwater shrimp

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  • A complete set of shrimp aquarium treatments
  • Contains Exo, GH, pHa, pHb and Start solutions
  • All treatments are safe for use with shrimp
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What is the AquaVitro Shrimp Bundle?

This AquaVitro Shrimp bundle is perfect for freshwater shrimp. It contains; 

  • Shrimp Exo -150ml
  • Shrimp GH - 150ml
  • Shrimp pHa and pHb -150ml
  • Shrimp Start -150ml

What is Shrimp Exo?

Shrimp Exo is a stabilised potassium iodide solution which will raise iodide levels and assist with creating the ideal environment for your shrimp. Shrimp Exo is safe and simple to use too, meaniing you can quickly create an environment designed to support the health of your shrimp

What is Shrimp GH?

Shrimp GH is used to add minerals to your aquarium, which is essential to the well-being of shrimp, helping to support healthy growth and reproduction, as well as assisting with plant growth. The mineral requirements of your shrimp have been taken into consideration and will replicate their natural environment. Included in the solution is magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron, as well as 6 trace minerals, which will help create an optimal environment for your shrimp.

What is Shrimp pHa and pHb?

Shrimp pHa and pHb are part of a two-step system which buffers the water to the natural pH levels found in the natural habitats of each specific variant of shrimp. Shrimp pHa and pHb will maintain the pH parameters and support the growth of plants and shrimp. This product does not contain sodium, so is not harmful to plant life in your tank, in fact these solutions can actually encorage plant growth. 

What is Shrimp Start?

Shrimp Start  is a complete conditioner used to convert ammonia, chlorine and chloramine into a non-toxic form, which is then easily removed by your aquarium’s biofilter, additionally it can also be used to detoxify heavy metals found in tap water when adding to your tank. Shrimp Start will also have no effect on the pH levels of your water.

All of these treatments work together to make a safe and natural environment for your freshwater shrimps.



Products Directions for use
Shrimp Start Use 5ml for each 20l of new water. This is better being added to new water although it can be added into the aquarium directly, in which the dosage would be based on aquarium volume. If there are high chloramine concentrations, a double dose is safe to use. Up to 5 times the dosage may be used to detoxify nitrate if there is an emergency. If the temperature is less than 30°C and the chlorine or ammonia levels are low, use a half dose.
Shrimp Exo Add 5ml for every 40l of water every 2 weeks to maintain iodine levels for freshwater shrimp. If you have humate soils, use this dose once a week instead. Using this dosage will raise iodine levels by 0.006 mg/l. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. It is recommended to wait 2 weeks before using this product on newly purchased shrimp.
Shrimp GH This product is designed to be used when setting up your aquarium for the first time or making water changes. 5ml of this solution will raise 20l of water by 2 dGH. To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to use distilled water, although it can be used with tap water if the water's hardness has been tested. This product is not to be used when replacing evaporated water.
Shrimp pHa and Shrimp pHb Use to achieve the target pH levels for your tank. The dosage is dependent on which type of shrimp you have, as the target pH varies. For Crystal Bee Shrimp, the target pH levels are 5.8-6.8, so 25ml of Shrimp pHa and 2.5ml of Shrimp pHb is required. For Neocardinia, the target pH levels are 6.0-7.5, so 20ml of Shrimp pHa and 15ml of Shrimp pHb are needed. For Tiger Shrimp, the target pH levels are 7.0-7.5, so use 15ml of Shrimp pHa and 20ml of Shrimp pHb. For Sulawesi Shrimp, the target pH levels are 7.5-8.5, so use 2.5ml of Shrimp pHa and 25ml of Shrimp pHb All does are calculated for 20L of water, so adjust as necessary. Dosage can be doubled safely, if necessary, but if you want to avoid any pH shock, break down the dosage over a 24-hour period.
As pHa lowers the pH levels, if lower levels are required you can add 2.5ml per every 20L of water every 12 hours until the desired level is reached. Shrimp pHb can be used to raise the pH levels in the water if necessary, so you can add 2.5ml per every 20L of water every 12 hours until the desired level is reached.
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