Hugo Kamishi Shrimp Tubes

Help your shrimp feel safe and secure

At a glance...
  • Gives protection while feeding, breeding and moulting
  • Encourages natural behaviour and reduces stress
  • A range of sizes and colours to match your set-up
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What are Hugo Kamishi Shrimp Tubes?

Hugo Kamishi Shrimp Tubes are the perfect enrichment accessory to help your shrimp feel safe and secure. In their natural environment, shrimp are particularly vulnerable when they moult and when female shrimp are carrying eggs they often seek out dark enclosed areas to protect themselves and their eggs. Shrimp tubes promote this natural hiding behaviour by providing protection for your shrimp when feeding, breeding and moulting and also by helping to reduce stress. 

Shrimp tubes can also act as a surface for fine algae and biofilm to develop which are considered great food sources for many types of small shrimp.

Key features:

  • Helps reduce stress
  • Protects shrimp
  • Assists during shedding
  • Prevents egg abandonment
  • Natural colours
  • Unique style
  • Available in multiple sizes

What are the benefits of these tubes?

These Shrimp Tubes are available in two colours and two sizes so you can pick the perfect one to suit your aquarium. With the rustic terracotta colour, you could place it in a more naturally styled aquarium, however, the soft grey is less of a standout piece, so as not to detract from the colours in your tank, whilst still being bold in shape and design. Both colours will easily match a wide variety of aquarium decor.

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