AquaEl Shrimp Set Day and Night

A range of complete Shrimp tanks

At a glance...
  • Minimalist aquarium for freshwater aquariums
  • Includes lighting, heating and external filter
  • A variety of sizes and colours to choose between
They ticked every box, from the well-packed item to the speed of delivery, I'm happy to recommend.

The AquaEl Shrimp Set Day & Night is a fully equipped nano aquarium that provides the ideal conditions for plants, shrimps and small fish. It includes AquaEl unique three-stage Smart Day & Night LED lighting system, meaning you can offer a Daytime, Daybreak or Night time lighting on, as and when you want. This Smart LED lighting is not only flexible to whatever your needs, but also very energy efficient, at only 4.8w.

The included Turbo Mini Filter runs at 320lph, and offers you complete control over the flow and aeration of the tank, with the direction and power rate being adjustable, so you can slow things down for more delicate species if required, as well as changing the direction that the flow of water is going to, meaning you can direct the fresh water in a certain way for optimum plant growth as required.

This Shrimp Set is available in three sizes, and is available in either black or white finish. The tank itself has modern sleek design, with minimalistic corners, to secure the bottom of the aquarium and prevent slipping. The glass top lid features AquaEl Smart Open System, meaning you can easily access the tank itself, without having to mess around removing the lid, or risking it falling into the tank, a prime problem with some glass plated tanks.

This also includes a Fix 2 heater, an electronic glass heater that is ideal thanks to its' compact size. It is automatically preset to 25C, so you can just install and plug it in, without having to worry about anything else. It features AquaEl Smart Heating System, which allows it to adjust the heating power to suit the size of the tank, ensuring it stays at a stable 25C.


Key Features:

  • Ideal for plants, shrimps and small fish
  • Leddy Smart Day & Night 4.8W LED Lighting
  • AquaEl Turbo Filter
  • AquaEl Fix 2 50w Automatic Heater
  • Glass lid with Smart Open System
  • Minimalistic corners-securing the bottom of the aquarium




Brand AquaEl
Coldwater? Yes
Colour Varies
Dimensions Varies
Filter? Yes
Guarantee 2 Year
Heater? Yes
Lighting? Yes
Marine? No
Volume Varies
Other Hardware No
Pump? Yes
Tropical? Yes
Weight Varies


Product Shrimp Set 10l Shrimp Set 20l Shrimp Set 30l
Volume 10l 19l 30l
Dimensions 20cm x 20cm x 25cm 25cm x 25cm x 30cm 29cm x 29cm x 35cm
Colour Black or white Black or white Black or white
Weight 3.7kg 5.2kg 6.7kg
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