Swell Tropical Fish Tank Bundles

The perfect addition to any new tropical tank

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  • Perfect starter bundle for a tropical tank
  • Includes cleaning and feeding items
  • Suited for aquariums from 30-100 litres
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What is the tropical fish tank bundle?

The tropical starter bundle is the perfect addition to any new tropical tank as it has all the essentials that you’ll need to start, the only things you'll need to add are decorations.

What is included in this bundle?

The items included are:

  • Algae Scrub
  • Fish Net
  • Test Strips
  • Vitamins
  • Tropical food
  • Thermometer
  • A filter bacteria starter
  • Dechlorinator

What are the benefits of this bundle?

This is the ideal starter kit as it allows you to test your water to make sure the water is right for your fish, it comes with food and vitamins that are hand selected to be perfect for your tropical fish.

It also comes with a thermometer to allow you to check the temperature of your tank so it doesn't get too hot or cold for them.

A filter bacteria kit is also provided to allow the tap water to be dechlorinated and it kick-starts the aquarium's biological filter.

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