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Freshwater Shrimp Food

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Freshwater shrimp can be decorative, collectable, a breeding project, and may eat algae too. But to get the best from freshwater shrimp they need food that's made especially for them.

What do freshwater shrimp eat?

Shrimp inhabit many fresh and brackish waters around the world where their natural diet includes biofilms, algae, wood, vegetable matter decaying plant matter and even meaty foods like dead fish if the opportunity arises.

What is the best food for freshwater shrimp?

In an aquarium, ornamental shrimp need a balanced diet that caters for their nutritional needs while providing calcium for their shell growth. Choose a sinking stick or pellet that's made for freshwater shrimp. Add live plants too, such as wood and brown leaves like Indian Almond leaves, for the ultimate in shrimp habitats, complete with grazing opportunities and environmental enrichment.

Do freshwater shrimp need food?

In large, mature planted aquariums, shrimp eat fish food, algae, wood and biofilm growth. But importantly they require calcium for shell development and shrimp moulting, so freshwater shrimp food should be added every few days to supplement their diets and provide them with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need.

How often should you feed freshwater shrimp?

If you keep freshwater shrimp you'll notice their tireless work and grazing that lasts 24 hours per day. For this reason, they should always have access to shrimp foods, especially in a bare or brand-new tank.

What else can I feed to freshwater shrimp?

Shrimp have a plant based diet with the need for occasional animal protein. Try your Shrimp with green peas, sweet potato, blanched vegetables, alder cones, stinging nettle, leaf litter and decaying plants, as well as commercial foods, for a varied diet. This applies to many species like Cherry shrimp, Bee shrimp, Amano shrimp and other dwarf shrimp.