Swell Fish Food Bundle

Collection of foods suitable for a variety of fish

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  • Nutritious food designed for variety of fish
  • Strengthens immune system and helps prevent diseases.
  • Promotes growth as they are high in protein
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What is the Swell Marine Fish Food Bundle?

The Swell Marine Fish Food Bundle is a set of foods and treats designed to give your fish a balanced diet. These foods will provide your fish with a high amount of protein which will promote the health and growth of all your aquarium inhabitants. These nutritious and healthy foods will boost the immune system of your fish and will help prevent against diseases

What is included in the bundle?

How will this benefit your fish?

These foods contain Spirulina which is a natural colour enhancer and will ensure that your fish will be able to achieve their full beauty and gives them all an amazing shine. They also contain garlic which is an attractant which means that it will stimulate the feeding and appetite of your fish

The Dried Brine Shrimp and the Dried Krill both contain high amounts of protein which will enhance the growth of your fish. They also improve the immune systems of your fish meaning that they are less likely to get any bacterial or parasitic diseases

How much should you feed your fish?

Feed around 2-3 times daily, only feed an amount that can be consumed within a few minutes. Care needs to be taken so that overfeeding does not occur.

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