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  • Complete tropical fish food that is high in protein
  • Reduces stress levels and can improve the feeding response
  • Boosts the immune and reproductive systems of your fish
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What are Swell Tropical Garlic Flakes?

The Swell Tropical Garlic Flakes are a perfect complete food designed for tropical and marine fish, it is especially suitable for Discus due to their high nutritional needs. They are made from a special selection of ingredients that are high in protein, vitamins and garlic, which makes this food perfect for boosting your fish's immune and reproductive systems.

How do the Swell Tropical Garlic Flakes help your fish?

  • Contains carrots and bloodworms which are natural colour enhancers so will boost the colour and beauty of your fish
  • The flakes contain garlic which will help promote growth and boosts the fish's immune system
  • They will also reduce the stress levels of your fish and can improve the feeding response

What are the benefits of using the Swell Tropical Garlic Flakes

The Swell Tropical Garlic Flakes are high in protein which will increase the energy of your fish and they contain carrots and bloodworms which are a colour enhancer which will make your fish shine and allow them to show off their natural beauty. The flakes composition includes garlic which significantly mitigates stress levels and will improve the feeding response

This food will also prevent avitaminosis which is a group of diseases that are life threatening to your fish and are caused by a lack of vitamins but this will be prevented due to the vitamins contained in these flakes



Fish, wheat, carrots, garlic, crustaceans, bloodworms.


Feed several times per day in small portions, but only offer enough that can be consumed within a few minutes. Care needs to be taken to ensure that overfeeding does not occur.

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein 51%, crude fat 7%, ash 2%, crude fibre 2%, moisture 6%.

Nutritional Constituents

Vit. A: 37.000UI/kg, Vit. D3: 2.100UI/kg, Vit. C: 630mg/kg, Vit. E: 150mg/kg.

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