Swell Tropical Holiday Diet

Keeps your fish happy and healthy for longer

At a glance...
  • Complete food for tropical fish
  • Will not alter the biological cycle of the aquarium
  • Will not dissolve into water and lasts around 3-4 days
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What is Swell Tropical Holiday Diet?

The Swell Tropical Holiday Diet is a food designed to last around 3-4 days and it intended to be used when it isn't possible to feed your fish for a few days. It is designed to not dissolve into the water and will last until consumed by the fish, this means it will not foul the water or alter the biological cycle of the aquarium.

What are the benefits of the Swell Tropical Holiday Diet?

  • Convenient and easy way to provide fish with a balanced, nutritional diet
  • Boost the immune system of your fish
  • Will not dissolve in water or affect the biological cycle

How does this food help your fish?

This food contains garlic which will boost the immune system of the fish while also promoting growth and decreasing mortality, and it also contains turmeric which helps boost immunity as well as increase the appetite of your fish meaning they are more likely to grow and receive all the nutrients they need.



Wheat, minerals, herring, salmon oil, garlic, corn, sea salt, turmeric.


One stick every 10 small fish for 3/4 days of absence.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein: 35.6%, crude fat: 5.4%, crude fibre: 0.5%, moisture: 7.8%, ash: 23%.

Nutritional constituents

Vit. A: 24.580UI/kg, Vit. D3: 1.410UI/kg, Vit. C: 420mg/kg, Vit. E: 100mg/kg. 

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