Swell African Cichlid Starter Bundle

Bundle of foods suitable for your new Cichlids

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  • Nutritious food designed for cichlids
  • Contains colour enhancing foods
  • Supports the health and well-being of your fish
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What is the Swell African Cichlid Starter Bundle?

The Swell African Cichlid Starter Bundle is a bundle of all the food that is needed for your cichlid fish. These foods will support the health and well-being of your fish while also enhancing their colours allowing them to shine in the aquarium. The bundle contains Swell Tropical SInking Tablets, this is due to African Cichlids being bottom-feeders, this allows them to get the correct amount of nutrients and less will be wasted when compared to flakes

What does the bundle contain?

How does this bundle benefit your fish?

This bundle contains Swell Tropical Cichlid Granules which are a floating food and also contains Swell Tropical Sinking Tablets which will sink to the bottom of the tank, these combined will allow all of your fish to get the nutrients that they need, they are also an excellent source of protein which will ensure proper growth.

The Swell Tropical Spirulina Flakes and the Swell Tropical Colour Enhancing Flakes will both enhance the gorgeous colours of your cichlids and will result in a brilliant sheen on your fish.They will also boost the immune system of your fish and will allow them to prevent against bacterial and parasitic diseases much easier

All of these combined will make sure that your cichlids have all the correct nutrients that they need to survive and thrive and will provide them with the growth and disease prevention they need while also ensuring that they have their beautiful natural colour and a brilliant shine.

How much should you feed of these foods?

When feeding, feed small portions several times a day and only offer an amount that can be consumed within a few minutes. Make sure that overfeeding does not occur as this can lead to detrimental effects for your fish.

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