Swell Tropical Colour Enhancing Flakes

Encourages vibrant colours in your tropical fish

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  • Complete food for your tropical fish
  • Promotes growth and supports the fish's immune systems
  • Enhances the red colours of your fish
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What are Swell Tropical Colour Enhancing Flakes?

The Swell Tropical Colour Enhancing Flakes are a complete food designed to provide a balanced diet for your tropical fish by including three different types of flakes. The food is designed to promote growth and enhance the red colours of your fish while also supporting the immune system.

How do the Swell Tropical Colour Enhancing Flakes help your fish?

  • Includes three different types of flakes which provides a balanced complete diet
  • Contains many natural colour enhancers which will allow your fish to shine.
  • Contains garlic which will help with your fish's immune systems and will help prevent against diseases

What are the benefits of using these flakes?

The Swell Tropical Colour Enhancing Flakes contain Spirulina, Paprika and Carrot which are all natural colour enhancers which means that your fish's colours will really shine and will brighten up your aquarium. They also contain Garlic which will boost your fish's immune system and help them fight against bacterial and parasitic diseases. This also promotes the growth of your fish and reduces the mortality rate and provides a balanced diet which will increase health and vitality. 

How often do I feed these flakes to my fish?

Feed these flakes several times a day, and only offer the amount that can be consumed within a few minutes. Make sure that over feeding does not occur



Fish and by-products, wheat flour, vegetable protein, dried yeasts, plankton, Spirulina and Chlorella (10%), paprika, carrot, vitamins, garlic.

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