Hikari Vibra Bites

Slow-sinking tropical fish food for baby and adult fish species

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  • Tropical fish food designed to mimic bloodworm
  • A scientifically blended nutrient mix of adult and baby food
  • Ideal for tropical fish who prefer live foods
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A great way to keep your fry fed, mine love it.

What is Hikari Vibra Bites fish food?

Hikari Vibra Bites are slow-sinking stick foods made from a scientifically blended nutrient. Suitable for tropical adult and baby fish, they have a worm-like stick that tropical fish love to attack. Vibra Bites tropical fish food offers excellent growth as well as providing incredible colour enhancing effects.

What are the benefits of Vibra Bites slow-sinking stick food?

Vibra Bites sticks move freely with the flowing water current, mimicking sinking bloodworms, triggering natural feeding behaviour. The nutritionally balanced food provides what the fish need, without the risk of parasites or bacteria from live bloodworms.

This tasty offering, which includes mealworms along with other carefully selected ingredients, is one that tropical fish chase after time and again.

How often should I feed my adult fish?

Hikari tropical Vibra Bites are suitable as a diet for Discus, Red phantom tetra, Pearl gourami, Angelfish, and most smaller tropical fish. Ideally, this fish food should be fed two or three times a day, as much as they can consume within a few minutes, always avoid over feeding. Unused food should always be removed from the aquarium to prevent water pollution.

How often should I feed baby fish?

For baby fish like Bettas, Guppies, Tetra, Gourami and other smaller tropical fish, we recommend feeding a small number of pellets two-three times daily to suit the small stomachs of baby fish. In order to avoid health issues, care should be taken not to overfeed. Remove uneaten food after the feeding period to prevent impacting water quality.



Product Size
Hikari Vibra Bites 35g
Hikari Vibra Bites Baby - 37g 37g
Hikari Vibra Bites Baby - 5g 5g


Nutritional information

Crude protein Min. 46%
Crude fat Min. 7%
Crude fibre Min. 5%
Moisture Max. 10%
Ash Max. 13%
Phosphorus Min. 1%
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