Hikari Tropical Food Sticks

The ideal diet for top-feeding carnivorous fish

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  • Food sticks for top-feeding carnivores
  • Flavourful and colour enhancing diet
  • More balanced nutrient profile that live foods
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Hikari's Tropical Food Sticks are designed to ensure that feeding your fish is as easy as possible whilst providing a superbly healthy diet.

These sticks are highly nutritious and perfect for carnivorous tropical fish, and eliminates the need for live food which can contain parasites and bacteria.

The formula promotes growth and rapid weight gain which makes fish glow with health. Colours too are boosted with the added carotenoids.

As the Tropical Food Sticks sink through the water, they soften, making them easy to eat and highly digestible too. They do retain their shape well however, so produce little waste.

The diameter of the food sticks is approximately 3.5 ~ 4.0mm long.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed 2-3 times per day, just the amount that your fish will eat. Remove uneaten food after a few minutes.

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