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  • Nutritious fish food for feeding baby fish
  • Pre-soaked particles suspended in liquid
  • A range of foods available for different fish
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Feeding fry can be really hard but with Liquifry it's super-easy and I always know they have everything they need.

What is Interpet Liquifry?

Liquifry is a specialist fish food designed to meet the needs of baby fish, also known as fry. Interpet Liquifry is made up of pre-soaked particles that are incredibly soft and smooth, to help encourage feeding. Liquifry comes in three different formulas, one for baby egg-laying fish, one for baby live-bearing fish and one for growing baby fish making the transition from liquifry to adult fish food.

Why should I buy Interpet Liquifry?

Newborn fish need a lot of nutrition, to encourage growth, but they can’t get it from adult fish food as it’s far too large and difficult to digest. Newborns need soft foods in small pieces that don’t need to be chewed or broken down. Liquifry is ideal for this and as it caters to all different types of fish you can be sure it will be perfect for your fry. Liquifry food particles suspended in liquid are easy to store and add to your water, making feeding baby fish easier than ever before.

What is the difference between Interpet Liquifry No 1, 2 & 3?

Live bearing fish, that carry their young until birth, have slightly different nutritional requirements to egglaying fish, which hatch from small, soft eggs. Liquifry No 1 is specially formulated for baby egg-layers while Liquifry No 2 is for baby live-bearing fish. Liquifry No 3 is a slightly harder feed with larger food particles for both types of fish, designed to help them move from soft food to adult fish food. Make sure you read the pack instructions carefully to ensure your fish are at the right life stage for each feed.

How often should you feed baby fish?

You should serve one drop of Liquifry per 4 litres of your tank 2-4 times each day (depending on the appetite and number of fry in your tank). As it is a sterile product, there’s less need to remove uneaten food from your water as your filtration system should remove it before it becomes a problem. It's important to note that most other fish foods should be removed if uneaten as they can cause disease or contamination.



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Liquifry Food for Egglayers

Newborn egglayers



Liquifry Food for Livebearers

Newborn livebearers



Liquifry Food for Weaning Baby Plus

Newborns ready for solids



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