NT Labs Aquarium Anti-White Spot & Fungus

Protect your fish from white spot and fungus

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  • An aquarium treatment for white spot and fungus
  • 7-day treatment to treat a range of fungus and parasites
  • Each pack contains 100ml of treatment
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White spot is a protozoan parasite; the adults live on the fish and appear as tiny white spots.

The adult has a complex life cycle which results in hundreds of free swimming juveniles looking for a host fish to infest. Anti-White Spot & Fungus is a 7-day course of treatment which will eradicate white spot, other larger parasites & fungal growths which appear as cotton-wool-like growths.

How to use the treatment:

This is a 7-day course of treatment. Firstly, work out the dosage you'll need to treat your aquarium, either from the bottle label or use our Dosage Calculator. Add this dose to the aquarium (following the instructions on the bottle label); this is day 1. Leave the aquarium until day 3. On day 3, add another dose (following the instructions on the bottle label). Repeat this dosage on day 5 and on day 7. After dosing on day 7, leave the product in for 7 days before performing a partial water change. For example: if you have an aquarium of 200 litres, you will add a 10ml dose as instructed. On day 3 after adding this dosage, add another 10ml dose as instructed, and again on day 5, and again on day 7.

Pack Size: 100ml

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