Swell Tropical Cichlid Granules

Brilliant all-round feed for cichlids

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  • Complete food for medium - large cichlids
  • Supports the health and well-being of your fish
  • Ensures that your fish will stay happy and healthy
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What are Swell Tropical Cichlid Granules?

The Swell Tropical Cichlid Granules are a complete food designed for medium to large sized cichlids and is suitable for daily feeding. This food will also ensure that your fish will stay happy and vibrant as it will improve the metabolic system of your fish which will make sure that your fish have optimal growth.

What are the benefits of these granules?

  • Improves the metabolic rate and growth of your aquatic life
  • Contains natural colour enhancing which will improve your fish's colours and allows them to shine
  • Supports the fish's immune systems allowing them to fish against parasitic and bacterial diseases much easier

How do the Swell Tropical Cichlid Granules help your fish?

They contain many colour enhancers such as carrots and spinach which will allow your fish to flaunt their colours and allow them to shine and glisten in the aquarium. The spinach is an excellent source of fibre which can help prevent against constipation and swim bladder



Fish, vegetable protein, shells, flour, plankton, spinach, paprika, carrots, garlic, fish oil, fats and mineral elements.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 40%, crude fat 10%, ash 9%, crude fibre 2%, moisture 12%.

Nutritional constituents

Vit. A: 11.000IU/kg, Vit. D3: 1.500IU/kg, Vit. C: 300mg/kg, Vit. E: 120mg/kg, Vit K3: 2.5mg/kg, Vit. B12: 2mg/kg, Vit B2: 2mg/kg. 

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