Swell Tropical Sinking Tablets

Complete diet for bottom-feeding fish

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  • Complete tropical food for bottom-dwelling fish
  • Sinking tablets that keep your fish happy and healthy
  • Designed to provide a balanced nutritional diet
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What are Swell Tropical Sinking Tablets?

The Swell Tropical Sinking Tablets are a complete tropical food that comes in tablet form and are designed for your bottom-dwelling fish such as catfish and loaches, but can also be used to feed animals such as turtle, shrimp. carbs and snails. The fast sinking tablets mean that the correct aquatic animals will be receiving the nutrients that they need and that any other aquatic life, that doesn't feed at the bottom of the tank, are not taking any food from them

What are the benefits of The Swell Tropical Sinking Tablets

  • The tablets will provide balanced nutrition for your fish
  • Help your aquatic pets stay healthy and vibrant
  • Natural colour enhancer allowing your fish to shine
  • Prevents diseases as it boosts your fish's immune system

How will these tablets help your fish?

These Swell Tropical Sinking Tablets will provide a balanced nutritional diet that will help your fish stay happy, healthy and vibrant. They contain garlic which will promote growth, it will decrease the mortality of your fish and boost their immune system to help fight of diseases. The tablets also contains Spirulina, which will provide your fish with brighter colours and allow them to shine as it is a natural colour enhancer.

How do you feed your pets these tablets?

Feed your pets small portions several times a day, only offering an amount that can be consumed within a few minutes. Care needs to be taken so that overfeeding doesn't occur as this would have negative effects on your fish.



Fish, wheat, crustaceans, garlic, spinach, marine algae (Spirulina 3%) yeast (beta-glucan 480mg/kg). 

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