Hikari Cichlid Gold Sinking

The perfect diet for large and colourful tropical fish

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  • Sinking food for cichlids and other large tropicals
  • Featuring colour-enhancing carotenoids
  • A range of sizes to stock up on
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A fantastic feed, my cichlids love it.

What is Hikari Cichlid Gold Sinking fish food?

Hikari Cichlid Gold Sinking fish pellet is a high-quality sinking pellet designed to meet the feeding needs of cichlids and larger tropical fish. Cichlid Gold Sinking has a high carotenoid content to enhance colour and lots of protein to promote excellent growth. It can be used as a staple food or alongside other foods as part of a varied fish diet.

How do I feed my fish Hikari Cichlid Gold Sinking fish food?

You should feed your fish these sinking pellets as a daily diet with feeds two to three times daily. It is important that you remember to measure out the amount of food your fish will completely consume before feeding and always remove uneaten food from your aquarium to avoid the toxic chemicals that waste can create. Care should be taken to avoid overfeeding and ensure that the amount you are giving your fish is right for their age and activity level.

What are the benefits of feeding Hikari Cichlid Gold Sinking fish food?

Cichlid Gold Sinking is specifically designed to focus on improving colouration and growth in carnivorous cichlids and larger fish. The coloration improving carotenoids have been shown to help both fish developing their colour and washed out specimens retain their beauty as well as forming part of an excellent daily diet. When it comes to growth, the high protein content in each Cichlid Gold Sinking pellet is ideal for encouraging fish growth and ensuring they maintain a strong and healthy immune system. With the sinking design, you run a much lower risk of causing swim bladder problems in your fish.

Which Hikari Cichlid Gold Sinking fish food should I buy?

We offer our Cichlid Gold Sinking fish food in gold sinking mini and medium sizes. Gold sinking mini is designed to suit young cichlids and other carnivorous fish before they get larger, tropical fish are often carnivorous and so are their young. The medium size is larger than the gold sinking mini and is an excellent daily diet for adult cichlids and larger tropical fish. Whether you choose the gold sinking mini or medium size, you can rest assured that each sinking pellet contains everything needed to meet the needs of carnivorous cichlids and larger fish that require higher protein levels in their feed.

Is Hikari Cichlid Gold Sinking fish food right for my fish?

If you are keeping carnivorous cichlids or large tropical fish, then Hikari Cichlid Gold Sinking pellets are a great choice. If you want to try mixing up their diet you can look at the other sinking pellets in our tropical fish food range.



Sinking? Yes
Suitable for Cichlid and larger tropical fish

Nutritional Information

Crude protein Min. 40%
Crude fat Min. 7%
Crude fiber Max. 4%
Moisture Max. 10%
Ash Max. 15%
Phosphorus Min. 1%


Product Pellet size Pack weight
49322 3.2-3.7mm 100g
49323 3.2-3.7mm 342g
260342 5.0-5.5mm 100g
49325 5.0-5.5mm 342g
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