Tropical Fish Food

Tropical Fish Food Help and Advice

Boost health and colouring for vibrantly healthy fish

Here at Swell, we know how important it is to feed your tropical fish the right food to make sure they're full of health - which shows off their beautiful colours and markings to their best advantage. We have a collection of many types of food and additives to ensure all of your tropical life is looking and feeling at its best. For surface and bottom feeders we can supply the right food from market leaders such as Hikari and JBL.

What is tropical fish food?

Tropical fish food is designed to help fish get the level of nutrition they need for growth and maintenance, as well as bringing out the best colours in their scales, increasing the natural beauty of your tropical aquarium.

Why should I buy tropical fish food?

Some tropical fish foods such as Aquarian Algae Wafer contain three types of algae so that they are a natural source of food for fish. They are also low waste, keeping your tank cleaner for longer. Other foods such as the Tetra Pro Colour Multi-Crisps are specially designed to enhance the colour of your fish, with the help of natural ingredients and multivitamins to make sure your fish are healthy inside and out.

What are the main types of tropical fish food?

At Swell UK you can find a fantastic range of fish food including wafers, pellets, flakes, powder and granules, so there's sure to be the perfect match for your fish, whether they're surface feeders or scavengers. All contain the correct dose of nutrients and necessary proteins to make sure that your fish are as healthy as they can be, and as such maintain their natural beauty.

What features should you look out for?

To make the most of your fish's naturally stunning colours take a look at a specific colour boosting food such as the Tetra Pro Colour, this food contains a concentrated dose of carotenoids. Carotenoids are organic plant pigments and rich in antioxidants to boost the immune system and overall health. Found in brightly coloured plants and vegetables, they are a super health kick for fish.