Swell Tropical Betta Diet

Complete feed for Siamese fighters

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  • Complete tropical fish diet designed for Siamese Fighters
  • Formulated to support health and well-being of your fish
  • Contains vitamins that will enhance your fish's colours
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What is Swell Tropical Betta Diet?

The Swell Tropical Betta Diet is a small flake food designed for ornamental fish but is especially beneficial for species such as Betta, Macropodus, and any related Gouramies. It is specially formulated to support the health and well-being of these fish and contains many high-protein ingredients and vitamins to increase their energy levels and boosts their immune and reproductive systems

How does the Swell Tropical Betta Diet help your fish?

  • Contains bloodworm which is a natural colour enhancer
  • Provides your fish with a balanced nutritious diet which will promote growth and vitalilty
  • Designed to keep your fish happy and healthy
  • Inhibits avitaminosis in your fish and boost their immune systems

What are the benefits of the Swell Tropical Betta Diet?

The Swell Tropical Betta Diet will make your fish very attractive to look at by enhancer their colours, this is due to the bloodworms that the food contains as this is a natural colour enhancer. The Bloodworm is also an amazing source of nutrition, along with the Tubifex and Krill. These will provide your fish with a balanced and nutritious diet and will promote vitality and growth. The food will also help boost the immune and reproductive system of your fish while also providing them with energy and increasing their growth and overall health, this is due to the many high-protein ingredients and vitamins that each flake contains



Fish and fish by-products, cereals, dried yeasts, vegetables, freeze-dried bloodworms, freeze-dried Krill pacifica and vitamins.


Several times per day in small portions. Do not overfeed. Only offer enough to be consumed in a few minutes.

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