Tetra Prima Granules

Ideal for Discus food for Loaches, Angelfish and Catfish

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  • Slow sinking granules for mid-water and bottom-feeding fish
  • Supports vitality and colour intensity
  • Contains vitamins A, C and D, plus trace elements
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What are Tetra Prima Granules?

Tetra Prima Granules are a slowly sinking complete food made up of herbivore and omnivore granules. The granular form makes it easier for Discus fish, Angelfish, Barbs and other mixed community aquarium ornamental fish that favour the middle regions of the tank to feed naturally. The granular food softens in the water to allow fish to eat it with ease. This complete food is suitable for daily feeding thanks to its wholesome mix of ingredients that encourage the development of a healthy immune system and happy fish.

What are the benefits of Tetra Prima Granules?

Tetra Prima fish food contains natural ingredients, including shrimp and anchovies, to ensure a high protein content (47.5%) which will maintain fishes' vitality and create less waste. The vegetable protein extracts contain trace elements, including zinc and iron, as well as all essential vitamins (e.g. vitamins A, C and D). The enriched vitamin C within the feed is particularly important as it prevents diet-related deficiencies and ensures healthy fish growth, while the natural fibres (e.g. from algae) encourage good digestion.

However, the best thing about Tetra Prima is that it is constantly in development and updated in accordance with the latest scientific data on fish, mixed community aquariums and methods for creating cleaner and healthier water.



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