Tetra Tetramin Tropical Flakes

Complete tropical fish flake food for all tropical fish species

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  • Nutrition packed tropical fish food flakes
  • Added immunostimulants, proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Can be fed as a staple diet
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What are Tetra Tetramin Tropical Flakes?

TetraMin is a nutrition-packed best-selling tropical fish food. It uses Tetra's patented Active Formula that aims to reduce stress and improve your fish's resistance to disease and infection. The added immuno-stimulants boost the internal immunity of your fish and aid a long and happy life enjoyed by healthy fish. 

The complete diet has added proteins, trace elements, fatty acids, essential vitamins and minerals to support the best health in tropical fish and provide them with as natural a diet as possible. The proteins offered by this balanced diet also help ornamental fish develop strong colours that stand out in your aquarium. A variety of sizes are available from a small 13g tub to a large bucket for big aquariums.

What are the benefits of TetraMin tropical flakes?

It's easy to digest and produces little waste, so overall less ammonia and solid waste is produced, which keeps your tank and aquarium water cleaner for longer. Colours from the seven different flakes are not leached back into the water, so your tank will remain looking great. Each tub has an easy dispense lid and a plastic tub to make sure that the food stays fresh and in optimum condition. 

How often should I feed my fish with these flakes?

The feeding instructions for these flakes suggest 2-3 daily feeding sessions where you feed your fish as much as they will consume within a few minutes. If there are any flakes that go undigested it is important that you remove them to keep your water clean and free of the toxins that build up as the food breaks down.



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