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AquaEl Ultrascape 60 Aquarium and Cabinet Set

A modern cabinet and 64 litre aquarium combination

At a glance...
  • Stylish 64l aquarium and cabinet for coldwater aquariums
  • Includes a unique lighting setup that highlights your aquascape
  • Available in a variety of colours to suit your home
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An absolutely outstanding aquarium and cabinet set, the perfect sandbox for an aquascaper to display their creations to friends and family.

What is the AquaEl Ultrascape 60 Aquarium and Cabinet Set?

The AquaEl Ultrascape 60 is a complete coldwater aquarium and cabinet set designed by leading aquascaping professionals. Each Ultrascape aquarium set features a 6mm thick glass tank specially created with transparent silicone to offer unparalleled visibility of your aquascape.

This tank is illuminated by an elegant dedicated lamp, equipped with a unique frame custom-made for this aquarium set and powered by AquaEl Leddy bulbs (2x10W plant and 1x10W sunny). The entire tank and lighting are then supported by the luxurious Ultrascape cabinet on a complimentary aquarium mat. These AquaEl Ultrascape 60 sets are ideal for serious aquascapers and come in a range of colours to ensure they will complement your home.

What are the benefits of this aquarium?

Designed by multi-award-winning aquascaper Michał Adamek, the Ultrascape set tanks boast harmonious proportions that allow you to create a greater depth of field filled with aesthetic accessories like hardscape rocks and bogwood. You can even create open-scape setups as the lighting is on an adjustable rack which can be moved closer or further away from your tank during setup and maintenance. Furthermore, the tank and lighting setup features a unique cable management system to keep all wires out of sight, allowing your aquascape to take centre stage.

What colours does this set come in?

This set comes in a forest or snow finish. The finish is applied to the dedicated cabinets and lighting. The forest cabinet finish gives the cabinet doors an oak wood look and the rest of the unit a muted grey colour that draws attention to the front and your tank. Alternatively, the snow cabinet is completely white along with the lighting hardware for a more contemporary feel.

What else do I need to buy with this aquarium?

To complete your new aquascape, you might need to stock up on an aquascaping tool kit, substrate, hardscape and live aquarium plants. This aquarium doesn't come with a filter or any hardware beyond the lighting setup so you may also want to invest in other aquarium electricals depending on your plans for the tank.



Brand AquaEl
Coldwater? Yes
Colour Varies
Dimensions 60x30x116cm
Filter? No
Guarantee 2 years
Heater? No
Lighting? Yes
Marine? No
Volume 64l
Other Hardware? No
Tropical? No


SKU Colour
1911800-1911801 Oak
1911802-1911803 White
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