Swell Aquascaping Tool Kit

Everything you need to unleash your creativity underwater

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  • Aquascaping kit for aquarium keepers
  • Includes high-quality stainless steel spatula, tweezers and scissors
  • Comes with a faux-leather carrying case
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This is a must-have kit, packed full of goodies and in a really smart case, a brilliant investment.

What is the Swell Aquascaping Tool Kit?

The Swell Aquascaping Tool Kit is an all-in-one kit containing the basic tools you need to unleash your creativity in your aquarium. Featuring five rust-resistant stainless steel tools, it contains everything you need to sculpt aquarium substrate and manage aquatic plants. As a bonus, the aquascaping toolset comes in a luxurious faux-leather case with a striking red velvet interior to keep your tools in superb condition at no additional cost.

What aquascaping tools are included in the Tool Kit?

In the kit you will find the following aquascaping tools:

  • A good quality pair of straight scissors with serrated tips for pruning and aquatic gardening without getting your hands wet with aquarium water.
  • A good pair of curved scissors for reaching difficult spaces within your aquarium and pruning foreground plants.
  • A pair of straight tweezers for fine and delicate work.
  • A pair of curved tweezers for reaching difficult areas with ease.
  • A double-ended substrate spatula and algae scraper for managing and sculpting substrate.

All of these high-quality aquascaping tools come with a fantastic carrying case, which has been specially designed for this set.

Why do I need both straight and curved tweezers for managing aquarium plants?

Both straight and curved tweezers are used for moving plants and other decor in your aquarium. They are commonly used for removing dead leaves and any plants covered in algae. Straight tweezers are ideal for this most of the time, however, you may find that some areas are hard to reach, this is where a curved tweezer is useful. Bent tweezers can manoeuvre around a planted tank and allow you to reach almost anything, they are also particularly useful for inserting root tabs to encourage plant growth.

What do I use curved scissors for in aquascaping?

Curved scissors are crucial aquascaping tools for managing a planted aquarium as they allow you to trim stem plants and carpet plants at an angle and in difficult to reach spaces. Sometimes called 'wave scissors' these are some of the best aquascaping tools and will help to improve your plant maintenance skills.

Why should I buy this tool kit?

Aquascaping is a growing hobby but many of the aquascaping tools needed are still quite specialist, making the assembly of a tool kit costly. However, it can be very difficult to get the precision required for fine aquascaping work without the right tools. This kit comes with everything you will need for day-to-day aquascaping tasks, such as removing dead leaves or leaves containing nuisance algae, as well as a way to store your tools. This is the perfect way to kickstart your hobby or even treat an aquarium keeping friend as a gift.

How do I learn more about aquascaping?

There are a lot of very helpful resources on the internet that will help you learn more about aquascaping and how you can give it a go. If you're looking for somewhere to start we recommend our article about how to aquascape a freshwater aquarium.



Case material Faux-material
Tool material Stainless steel
Spatula included? Yes
Straight tweezers included? Yes
Curved tweezers included? Yes
Straight scissors included? Yes
Curved tweezers included? Yes
Carry case included? Yes
Case dimensions W:33 x D:12 x H:2cm
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