Swell Aquascaping Scissors

Trimming plants in your aquarium has never been easier

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  • Scissors for aquascaping and aquatic gardening
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • A variety of sizes and styles to choose from
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I bought a whole set of these and couldn't be happier, they make trimming plants a breeze.

What are Swell UK Aquascaping Scissors?

Swell UK Aquascaping Scissors are specialist scissors for aquatic gardening and pruning. Designed for extended use underwater, these scissors allow you to effortlessly manage your aquatic plants, preventing your aquarium from becoming overgrown. These scissors are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit a range of aquascaping tasks.

Why should I buy Aquascaping Scissors?

Just like regular plants, aquatic plants can easily become overgrown and look untidy. Eventually, this can even impact other plants and aquatic life within an aquarium becoming a real problem. With a good pair of aquascaping scissors, you can prevent this by occasionally pruning back your plants and keeping them in check.

Which scissors are right for me?

We sell scissors in a variety of sizes and styles. The longer the scissors, the better they are for dealing with large plants and deeper aquariums. Small scissors can be easier to manoeuvre and better for fine detail. We also sell curved scissors which are useful for navigating dense aquascapes and reaching difficult areas.

How do I use a pair of aquascaping scissors?

Swell UK Aquascaping scissors are used in the same way as regular scissors. When working with aquatic plants, prune them in the same way as you would with regular garden plants, snipping off any parts that look overgrown or that are dying off.



Material Stainless Steel


Model Length Curved or straight
SWLA0781 25cm Straight
SWLA0870 40cm Straight
SWLA0782 25cm Curved
SWLA0871 40cm Curved
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