Fluval Siena 332 Aquarium Set

A modern cabinet and 332-litre aquarium combination

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  • Modern 332l aquarium and cabinet for freshwater aquariums
  • Includes LED lighting, a heater and a filter.
  • Measures at 110 x 55 x 128cm
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With tons of high-quality Fluval hardware, this kit has everything you need to set up a new tank that will wow friends and family.

What is the Fluval Siena 332 Aquarium Set?

The Fluval Siena Aquarium Series 332 is an aquarium set consisting of a high-quality aquarium, cabinet, filter unit, heater and lighting. The set is ideal for anyone new to fishkeeping or looking for a complete aquarium that is ready to go out of the box. The entire set comes in a range of colours and the cabinet doors match the aquarium edging around the top of the tank, making this an elegant and stylish piece of home furniture.

What do I get in this aquarium set?

In the Fluval Siena 332 kit, you will receive:

  • A Fluval Siena 332 aquarium - The aquarium consists of 10mm polished glass panels and an easily accessible canopy. The floor of the tank features the Easy-Connect filter system, which allows inlets and outlets to run straight from the tank to the base cabinets, minimising messy tubes and wires.
  • A Fluval Siena 332 aquarium cabinet - This cabinet is designed for the tank with extremely robust metal supports. It also offers many handy features like a rear window, for cable management, soft close hinges and a shelf that can be moved for interior height adjustment. The cabinet perfectly conceals bulky technology and serves as a generous storage space for all your fish-keeping supplies.
  • A Fluval 407 Series high-performance canister filter - One of Fluval's best high-performance filtration systems, the external 407 Series canister filter will process your water through multiple layers of filter media. The filter also features Fluval's efficiency technology, eTEC, which minimises the amount of power needed for maximum filtration. 
  • Two Fluval Plant 3.0 LED lights (controlled via Bluetooth) - These two smart lights are powerful units offering the ideal lighting to promote plant growth and development. They are controlled via the Fluval Smart App, which lets you set light cycles and patterns.
  • A Fluval M Series heater - The Fluval M Series heater is a dependable internal heater that blends seamlessly into any aquascape thanks to a mirrored coating. It features an adjustable control, allowing you to set the exact temperature your fish need. The heater can also be removed as needed if you are planning to create a cold water setup.
  • A stainless steel storage basket - This basket is built onto the back of the cabinet door and creates an extra shelf for aquarium accessories and treatments to be kept.

What colours does this set come in?

The Fluval Siena 332 comes in black, white or Chicago concrete finishes. The black and white finishes are solid, matte colour finishes, while the Chicago concrete is a more textured finish that offers a modern look.

What else should I buy with this aquarium?

This aquarium set is fantastic as it includes all the aquarium technology you need to run a cold water or tropical aquarium. However, you may still need aquarium decor, substrate and a tap water dechlorinator before you get started. We also recommend stocking up on some extra filter media and lighting for easy maintenance.



Brand Fluval
Coldwater? Yes
Colour Varies
Dimensions 110cm x 55cm x 128cm
Filter? Yes
Guarantee 2 years
Heater? Yes
Lighting? Yes
Marine? No
Volume 332l
Other Hardware? No
Tropical? Yes


SKU Colour
18451 White
18454 Black
18457 Concrete
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