Fluval Shaker 345l Aquarium and Hampshire Oak Cabinet

A stylish 345-litre aquarium and Hampshire Oak cabinet

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  • Combination 345 litre aquarium and cabinet for all aquarium types
  • Includes Bluetooth lighting, filter and heater
  • 105 x 55 x 60cm display tank, 199cm total system height
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A modern 345-litre aquarium with a cabinet designed with shaker style doors to suit any room in your home.

What is the Fluval 345l Shaker Aquarium and Hampshire Oak Cabinet?

The Fluval Shaker 345l Aquarium and Hampshire Oak is a high-quality glass aquarium and a cabinet in a stunning Hampshire Oak finish. The cabinet features soft-close doors, an internal shelf, and plenty of storage options to house all your aquarium supplies.

Fluval Shaker aquariums have smart app-controlled lighting, the latest Fluval external filter, and integrated heating, making it easy to set up a tropical aquarium or grow plants in your aquascape. An aquarium and cabinet set together will make an impressive centrepiece for any home.

What hardware is included with this aquarium and cabinet set?

The Fluval Shaker 345l Aquarium and Hampshire Oak Cabinet is a great investment and packed with features. The following pieces of hardware are included within the kit:

  • Fluval Shaker Aquarium - This aquarium is made of borosilicate glass and offers ample space for all aquatic set-ups. Measuring 105 x 55 x 60 cm, this aquarium offers enough space to contain a 345-litre aquarium featuring several aquatic environments.
  • Hampshire Oak Cabinet - Hampshire Oak is a versatile colour that makes a statement in your home. The aquarium cabinet includes a cable tidy system for all of your hardware as well as several key features found throughout the Fluval Shaker collection, such as soft-close doors, drawers, and cupboards.
  • Fluval 407 External Filter - The canister filter combines energy efficiency with high filtration performance. Using a combination of mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration, it is capable of removing harmful toxins from your water, preserving your aquatic environment and reducing stress in your fish. Thanks to the maintenance-friendly sliding top cover built into the aquarium canopy, the filter is easy to maintain.
  • Fluval M300W Heater - Built into the filtration system, the Fluval M300W Heater uses compact Fluval edge technology to rapidly heat water without the need for a large footprint, preserving the beauty of the Shaker cabinet.
  • Fluval 24W Bluetooth LED Light - The LED lighting can be controlled through the Fluval SmartApp, providing a completely adjustable light spectrum to suit the needs of any fish or aquatic plants. In addition to creating stunning visual effects, adjustable LED lighting can also be used to replicate natural lighting effects such as the bright daylight spectrum, cloud cover, or even fading lunar light. The entire unit is enclosed in a reflective borosilicate glass tube, protecting the light from splashes and reflects all of the beneficial rays into the aquarium.

Can I get this aquarium kit in other sizes and colours?

The Fluval Shaker 345l Aquarium and Hampshire Oak Cabinet is part of the Fluval Shaker range and can also be bought in smaller 168-litre and 252-litre sizes. The traditional Hampshire Oak on the canopy and aquarium cabinet can also be replaced with a more modern Slate Grey finish. You can find both the smaller 252-litre and 168-litre Slate Grey and Hampshire Oak models, as well as the 345-litre Slate Grey model right here at Swell.

How long do Fluval aquariums last?

Fluval aquariums are made to last by expert craftsmen who pay meticulous attention to detail. While this model has a two-year warranty, many Fluval aquariums have been known to last a decade or even two with little to no problems. With regular maintenance and upkeep, this aquarium can be a long-term fixture in your home.

Aquarium capacity 345 l
Filter Fluval 407 External Filter
Heater Fluval M 300W
Lighting Fluval 24W Bluetooth LED Light
Aquarium dimensions 105 x 55 x 60 cm
Full set dimensions 111 x 58 x 199 cm
Guarantee 2 year
Suitable for Freshwater setups
Colour Hampshire Oak
Palletised delivery Yes
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