D&D RO Pipe Work

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Set up your RO unit however you want with this length of D&D RO Pipe Work, making an RO water system viable in almost any situation.


  • RO Waste Pipe (Orange) 10m
    code: RUA003O In stock More than 10 in stock
  • RO Out-Let Pipe (Blue) 10m
    code: RUA003B In stock More than 10 in stock
  • RO In-Let Pipe (White) 10m
    code: RUA003W In stock More than 10 in stock

Product Information

We have a range of pipework designed to work in harmony with your D&D RO Unit.

Each has its own purpose, and is designed to create the best connection every time. Simply choose the pipe you need and add to your basket.

If you are unsure, don't hesitate to contact our sales team on 0161 351 4700 for more advice and information.

  • Orange = RO Waste Pipe
  • Blue = RO Outlet Pipe
  • White = RO Inlet Pipe

All pipes are available in 1m lengths.

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