API Three Day Pyramid Fish Feeder

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This API Three-Day Pyramid Fish Feeder will look after your fish while you take a short break! Full of healthy food pellets, this should keep your aquarium fish fed and happy while life gets in the way! Perfect for a 38 litre aquarium.


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Product Information

A mini break is always a treat, whether overnight or for a few days, and the API Three Day Pyramid Fish Feeder is ideal to make sure your fish are fed while you're away.

Containing highly nutritious pellets of energy rich foods, the block will slowly soften to feed fish over a three day period. Thanks to the specialised formula, the block will not pollute the water as it is made from plant proteins, which will decompose easily.

In a pack of four, these handy feeding blocks are a great stand by for the times when you are away from home.

Directions for use:

Simply pop the feeder into your aquarium, one pyramid should be enough for a 38 litre aquarium for 2-4 days. In hard water areas it may dissolve more quickly.   

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