Aquarian Algae Wafer

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Aquarian Algae Wafers are a fish food ideal for bottom-feeding creatures such as catfish. Giving them everything they need to grow healthy and strong and protect their immune system, they sink to the bottom of your pond for a tasty meal.


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Product Information

Aquarian Algae Wafers are ideal for cat fish and other bottom feeders with delicate mouths.

A blend of three different types of algae provides your fish with a delicious, protein rich meal every time. Spirulina, Chlorella and Kelp are all ideal foods for herbivorous fish, and support healthy growth, immune system and colours, as well as overall vitality.

The small wafers hold their shape in the water, as they sink to the bottom, and allow bottom feeders to forage, as they would in the wild.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed twice a day, algae eaters are slower to feed, so feed just enough for fish to eat over a couple of hours. Remove uneaten food to avoid a waste build up.

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