Juwel Lido 120 Aquarium and Cabinet, Light Wood

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The Juwel Lido 120 Aquarium and Cabinet is the ideal tank for those fishkeepers looking for plenty of water volume with a small footprint. This deceptively spacious aquarium holds 120 litres and takes up approximately only 60cm / 24 inch of floorspace


  • Lido 120 LED Aquarium and Cabinet - Light Wood
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Product Information

The Juwel Lido 120 Aquarium offers all of the expertise of Juwel's years of knowledge with a contemporary twist. A large capacity tank with a relatively small foot print, the Lido offers a host of convenient features. In contemporary Light Wood, the tank and cabinet look great in any room.

The BioFlow 3.0 filter contains five types of media for the clearest tank, it also incorporates an effective Eccoflow 500 circulation pump to ensure the best water rotation. This encourages the distribution of oxygen for healthy water and plants.

The set also includes a 100 watt heater, essential for tropical fish. Easy to install and adjust, it is an integral part of the set.

Two 24 watt High Lite lamps provide superb lighting source and promote amazing plant development. T5 lamps are slimmer and more energy efficient than traditional styles and offer better illumination and value for money.

Key Features:

  • Aquarium dimensions - 61cm x 41cm x 58cm
  • Cabinet dimensions - 61cm x 41cm x 73cm
  • Built in lighting system of two T5 High-Lite lamps
  • Internal BioFlow 3.0 Filter
  • 100 watt heater.
  • 2 year guarantee

Product Specification

Product Size Notes Volume
Juwel Lido 120 LED Aquarium and Cabinet - Light Wood Aquarium 61 x 41 x 58 cm, Cabinet: 61 x 41 x 73 cm Supplied with: 1 x High-Lite Light Unit 60 cm, 2 x 24 W, 1 x Pump Set 600, 1 x Heater 100 Watt. 120 Litres

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