Swell Hosetail Elbow

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Buy your Swell Hosetail elbow to sort out your pond pipework and save money in comparison to other leading brands.


  • 13mm Hosetail Elbow Sale
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  • 19mm Hosetail Elbow Sale
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  • 25mm Hosetail Elbow Sale
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  • 32mm Hosetail Elbow Sale
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Product Information

Bend hose neatly around corners with the addition of a Hosetail Elbow.

Our own branded Swell pipework accessories compare more than favourably with the leading competitors but always win on price. Thanks to our everyday low prices you can be sure of the best products at the best price. 

Handy Hint: Try not to add too many in the pipe run as it can restrict the flow from the pump.

One supplied. 

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