Swell Inline Hose Ball Valve

Instantly adjust your water flow

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  • Inline ball valve to adjust the flow of water to pump, filter or water feature
  • Designed with a simple gripped handle
  • One supplied
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Reduce the flow of water to your pond pump, pond filter or pond water feature with the addition of an Inline Ball Valve. Simply cut the pipe in the position where you wish to use the tap and add two hose clips to hold in place.

With the Swell Inline Hose Ball Valve you really have control over the amount of water that is being provided to your water features. Use two heavy duty hose clips to attach your hose pipe to the two attachment ports.

With a simple turn of the gripped handle you can control exactly how much water is being allowed through. Giving you real control over the flow of water.

One supplied.

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