TMC Aquabeam 600 Ultima Fiji Blue (Single)

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The Aquabeam 600 Ultima Fiji Blue is an aquarium lighting strip that's perfect for all marine aquariums. It will beautifully increase the fluorescence of your corals. Because it uses LED technology it has low running costs and you don't have to worry about replacing bulbs


  • Aquabeam 600 UltIma Fiji Blue (Single)
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Product Information

The natural beauty of your corals will shine under the TMC Aquabeam 600 Ultima Fiji Blue. It uses blue LED lights to bring out  the flourescence of your corals. It uses five Royal Blue Cree XP-E LEDs which are perfect to make your reef tank shine.

The TMC Aquabeam is housed within a waterproof casing it offers a high light output and a wide angle beam. It is incredibly simple to install and comes with mounting brackets and fixtures.

The TMC Aquabeam 600 uses the latest LED technology which is great news for you in every way. These lights have low running costs, lower power consumption, and have a minimum lamp life of 50,000 hours. This level of efficiency means no bulb replacements like you would expect from old style light units, so you save both money and time.

Dimensions: 45 x 35 x 490mm / 1.8" x 1.4" x 19.3" (H x W x L)

Key Features:

  • Low running costs, low power consumption
  • Long minimum lamp life of 50,000 hours
  • Suitable for all marine aquariums
  • High light output
  • Wide angle beam
  • Includes brackets and fixtures
  • Uses Cree® LED technology
  • Fully controllable using the AquaRay Controller
  • No bulb replacements
  • 5 Year guarantee

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