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Reef Factory Reef Flare Full Spectrum (Black)

Provide the appropriate spectrum of light to match the needs of your corals

At a glance...
  • Full light spectrum featuring 7 channels of control
  • Specifically selected high quality colour LEDs
  • New and improved light management panel for full control
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What is the Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro?

The Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro is a newly developed technically advanced LED light fixture. By design, the model prioritises a low profile and lightweight structure. It is regarded as the most powerful and efficient LED light on the market. Compared to previous models, the Reef Flare Pro generates up to 150% higher PAR, and 40% higher than current competition. Utilising a vast array of colours, the Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro is designed to enhance the colour and growth of your corals, allowing you to view your tank with a greater clarity.

How does the Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro work?

The light spectrum of the Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro has been carefully designed to bring out a wide range of colours in corals. Due to its high power output, you can observe your corals with greater clarity. The Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro can be controlled through the Smart Reef app, available for download for iOS and Android.

One notable improvement is the refreshed interface panel, which offers better light management. It features larger sliders and the ability to enter the percentage of each colour channel. Additionally, a power slider bar has been added to make it easier to set the light intensity across all channels when programming.

The Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro boasts a full spectrum of light and offers control over 7 channels. Specially selected colour LEDs ensure that corals grow faster and display enhanced coloration, satisfying even the most demanding marine aquarist.

Features of the Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro

The Reef Factory team has devoted extensive effort to every aspect of the light's design, with its slim form factor measuring just 30mm. This includes the electronics, an ultra-efficient cooling system, specially selected LEDs, and advanced optics. Consequently, the Reef Flare Pro is the most efficient LED light in its class, providing evenly distributed high PAR throughout the aquarium.

The Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro series of LED Aquarium lights is known for its high PAR/PUR output ratio. Specially designed EOI (Efficient Optics Illumination) allows for maximum light coverage across the span of your Aquarium. With an ultra efficient and silent implemented cooling system, the Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro Light range is sleek with its elegant design, manufactured to be light-weight. You can choose between the two leading spectrum choices on the market, Full Spectrum, and the Blue variant, both of which can be purchased via Swell UK.

What is the difference between the Reef Flare Pro Full, and the Reef Flare Blue?

The Reef Factory Reef Flare Pro Full Spectrum includes a more natural daylight (whiter) appearance, which is designed with greater PAR. In comparison, the Reef Flare Pro Blue delivers a more blue appearance. Both LED Lights are structurally the same, but the configuration of LEDs in the Blue model has been modified for a dominant blue spectrum, including more indigo and Violet LEDs.

Model Dimensions Wattage LEDs (Quantity) LEDs included
Flare Pro S Height 30mm Width 160mm Length 155mm 80w 24 LEDs
  • UV 400nm x2
  • Violet 420nm x2
  • Indigo 450nm x6
  • Blue 470nm x6
  • Green 530nm x1
  • Red 660nm x1
  • White 5700K x6
  • Flare Pro M Height 30mm Width 160mm Length 310mm 160w 48 LEDs
  • UV 400nm x4
  • Violet 420nm x4
  • Indigo 450nm x12
  • Blue 470nm x12
  • Green 530nm x2
  • Red 660nm x2
  • White 5700K x12
  • Flare Pro L Height 30mm Width 160mm Length 465mm 240w 72 LEDs
  • UV 400nm x6
  • Violet 420nm x6
  • Indigo 450nm x18
  • Blue 470nm x18
  • Green 530nm x3
  • Red 660nm x3
  • White 5700K x18
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