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This Velda Pond Protector - Electric is a step up in the ongoing fued between pond fish and their predators such as cats and herons. It works by providing a barrier between hunting spots and your pond water, delivering a short and harmless pulse of electrical energy to deter would-be hunters who want to make a meal out of your koi and other fish.


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Product Information

The Velda Pond Protector Kit - Electric is a discreet and simple protection for pond fish from herons and cats.

The Velda Pond Protector has a transformer which gives off a low and harmless electrical pulse to scare off any unwanted visitors. Simply set up the Pond Protector as a fence around the pond; thanks to the 80m of electric fencing included, it can cover even the largest pool.

This is a great long term solution to a heron or other predator problem. If you are looking for an instant inpond remedy, try the Velda Brilliant Pyramid.

Instructions for use:

  • Place the stakes around the pond and connect the cable to the electrical unit, each kit contains 80 metres of material wire.
  • The material wire then admits a low harmless electrical pulse so that when the herons and cats touch it they will be deterred.
  • The 80 metres of wire equates to 40 metres of waterside protection as the video below displays, and the mains electric cable is approximately 10 metres.

Key Features:

  • Transformer
  • 10 x 60 cm Stakes
  • 80 Metre electric wire
  • 2 x 5 Metre Red & Green wire
  • 55 cm metal ground pin
  • Connectors and screws

Velda Pond Protector Extension Set:

The Velda extension set provides a further 80 metres of material wire which again equates to a further 40 metres of waterside protection. Comes complete with electric wire and 10 x 60 centimetre stakes.

Product Specification

Product Notes
Velda Pond Protector Kit - Electric Electric, 10x Sticks
Velda Extension Set for Pond Protector Contains: 80 metres of electric wire and 10 stakes.

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