Vitalis Goldfish Pellets

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Vitalis Goldfish Pellets are sinking pellets ideal for fancy goldfish who like to feed from the bottom or middle of the tank where they feel safest.


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Product Information

Vitalis Goldfish Pellets (formally known as Newera Goldfish Pellets) are designed for goldfish that do not need a surface food.

Designed to slowly sink, these delicious pellets are ideal for species of goldfish such as Oranda, Ranchu and Black Moors.

Made from sustainable resources including fish and fish derivatives, this vitamin packed food is ideal to boost your goldfish's health and vitality all year round. Trace elements are also added to boost every aspect of fish health and boost beautiful, natural colours.

The pellets produce little waster, so will not contribute to water pollution, however it is advisable to remove all uneaten food after a few minutes.

Key Features:

  • Unique soft sinking pellet formation
  • Less waste
  • Natural ingredients from a sustainable source

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 28/06/2016 16:06pm
    Vitalis Goldfish Pellets 300g small
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    Another great product. I put some in the pond once a day for added protein etc.. They always seem to get eaten straight away.
  • Rating
    Date 15/11/2017 06:11am
    Vitalis Goldfish Pellets 300g small
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    Goldfish love it and are growing big and healthy.
  • Rating
    Date 15/11/2014 00:11am
    New Era Goldfish Pellets 120g
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  • Rating
    Date 07/04/2017 11:04am
    Vitalis Goldfish Pellets 300g small
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    I discovered these moist, sinking pellets about four years ago, when they were sold as 'New Era'. I've used them exclusively since then, and have have never had such healthy fish. Apart from the quality of the food, the fact that it is already moist, means that it does not swell up inside them the way dry pellets do, and, as a result, they've never had any sign of swim-bladder problems at all. I wouldn't feed them anything else.
  • Rating
    Date 05/01/2017 09:01am
    Vitalis Goldfish Pellets 300g small
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    Excellent item what was delivered on time :)