Blagdon Professional Ceramic Biological Filter Media

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Clear your water to a professional standard using Blagdon Professional Ceramic Biological Filter Media in your filtration system. It makes a great home for cultures of bacteria which help clear your water, and comes at a great price from Swell UK.


  • Ceramic Biological Filter Media - 25 Ltrs
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Product Information

Blagdon Professional Ceramic Biological Filter Media is excellent for pond filtration systems supporting high fish stocking densities. It is also ideal for feeding regimes that are maximised for fish growth. This has been specifically designed to provide a chemically inert, high surface area media with extreme porosity. 

Biological filter media is used within pond filter systems to provide a surface area that bacteria can live on.  The bacteria feed off the waste toxic chemicals produced by fish ammonia and nitrite and quickly turn them into relatively harmless nitrates, which can be removed by the filter or absorbed by plants. Thanks to the large surface area this media provides the best platform for maximum bacterial growth, the ceramic kiln fired material is ideal. 

The holes in the ceramic media allow water through and essential oxygen to feed the bacteria. This also means that the maximum amount of water is exposed to the helpful bacteria for the very best results. Blagdon Ceramic Biological Filter Media has been specifically designed to maximise these oxygen rich interconnected void space.

Pack contains 25 litres - perfect for large capacity ponds and pools. 


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