Black Knight Vortex Filter Brush

Keep your vortex filter performing at its best

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  • Filter brush for vortex filters
  • Helps to remove small particles from your pond
  • Versatile design that can be setup in multiple places
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The Black Knight Vortex Brush works to optimise your Vortex filter, enhancing the water quality and ensuring the filtration process is as efficient as possible. Each box contains one brush, which is 260cm x 10cm wide, coiled around to fit perfectly.

It works in three ways, firstly by physically trapping largest particles of waste that cannot pass through the close weave of the interlocking filaments. The next stage is that the filaments each have a static charge that "grabs" at any smaller particles that are flowing by, holding onto them until you complete a routine cleaning. Lastly, after the brushes have been used for a few weeks, the massive surface area of them will start to house millions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria, which helps to biologically filter your water as well.

To use the Vortex Brushes, simply insert them into the path of flowing water. There are a number of ways to do this, to suit your current filtration set up:

  • If your second and subsequent chambers are already full of media, you can use either one vortex brush strategically placed around the transfer port, or you can use several to build up a barrier of them above the inlet of the vortex and below the outlet. This will then allow the heavy waste to drop to the bottom of the chamber and then all the waste that does not settle is forced to pass through the brushes thus allowing it to be caught.
  • You can coil one or two vortex brushes around the outlet so that the water has to pass through the brushes.
  • You can create a complete barrier filling the whole cross section of the chamber. The more brushes you use, the greater the amount of waste that can be collected and also the larger the surface area for biological filtration

Vortex brushes can be used in as many chambers as you wish, but it is a good idea to leave some room in the first chamber to allow for settlement, though any subsequent chambers can be filled with vortex or filter brushes. These can be cleaned in-situ by simply draining the chamber and rinsing the brushes with buckets of pond water.

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