Black Knight Spawning Brushes

Ideal spawning solution where plant life is absent

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  • Brushes that encourage your fish to spawn
  • Soft and smooth, plus completely safe for fish
  • Available in two sizes, supplied as a pack of two
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Black Knight Spawning Brushes encourage fish to spawn and even if you have never bred fish before you will be amazed how easy it can be with the help of these brushes. Available in two sizes, these are ideal to place into your pond from April - August, though the exact spawning will be very dependant on temperature and daylight hours.

In the wild, Koi would tend to use plants, roots and algae to lay their eggs into, but since these are usually avoided in ponds providing a safe place for them to spawn is essential to ensure they don't injure themselves rubbing against pond edges instead.

Available in two size, the larger Spawning Brush set comes with two 59" x 5.5" brushes (159cm x 14cm), and the mini brush is a single 39" x 5" (100cm x 12.5cm). They are lighter and more compact that alternatives like spawning mats, as well as being extremely easy to use. These are soft and smooth, and completely safe and harmless for the fish themselves.

To use, there is no preparation required, just place the brushes below the water level, one above the other and slightly away from the pond edge, and the fish will do the rest at the right time. Once they have spawned, it's a good ideas to move the brushes as the eggs can be eaten by other fish, though some people do choose to leave the brushes in the pond for incubation and hatching. Whichever you choose, keep the brushes in the same water temperature to promote good hatching capacity in around 3 - 6 days time. The small fish should be kept separate in a divider or trap until they are large enough to be introduced back into the pond.

Product Spawning brushes 2pk
Size 150cm x 14cm
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