Blagdon Minipond Foam Set 4500 / 6000

Cleanse your pond of all types of debris, grit and other waste

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  • Pond filter foam set for the Blagdon MiniPond 4500/6000
  • Carbon and wool filter pads available
  • Fine grade, medium and large coarse filter foams
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Pond experts Blagdon have put together a unique foam set for the Blagdon MiniPond 4500/6000 which will cleanse your pond of all types of debris, grit and other waste.

Easy to install, clean and replace as needed, the foam pads are each of a different grade to remove all sizes of waste and grime for the best clean possible. As they fit perfectly into the filter, not a single drop of water escapes this efficient cleansing system.

The foam set includes:

  • Blue sponge- Fine grade filter sponge.
  • Green sponge- Medium course grade filter sponge.
  • Black sponge- Large course grade filter sponge.

To further enhance the water in your pond, we recommend the use of The Blagdon Minipond 4500/6000 Carbon & Wool Set. Carbon traps and retains all traces of odours, taints and residue from medicines, whilst the wool traps the tiniest particles of waste which may have escaped the other filter media. This pack is available in a 2 or 6 pack.

The carbon and wool kit includes (depending upon the pack purchased):

  • 2 or 6 carbon pads.
  • 2 or 6 wool filter pads.

Please note: Swell UK would recommend replacing the carbon filter sponges approximately every 2 months and the fine filter wool as and when required.

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