Swell Filter Pump Replacement Impeller

An easy way to repair your Swell pond pump

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  • Replacement impeller for Swell pond pumps
  • Designed for easy removal and replacement
  • A wide range of impellers to suit all models
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What is a Swell Filter Pump Replacement Impeller?

The Swell Filter Pump Replacement Impeller range is designed to replace the impeller in your Swell Filter Pump. Each impeller is an exact replacement for the impeller in your pump, made from the same materials and offers the same high performance.

Key Features:

  • Replacement impeller for Swell Filter Pumps
  • Exact replacement so offers the same great performance
  • Simple to replace
  • Replaces a worn down impeller

How do I pick the right impeller for my Swell Filter Pump?

Simply, find your model and the correct replacement impeller from our range to ensure you buy the right part for your pump.

How do I replace the impeller on my Swell UK filter pond pump?

The impeller is designed to be replaced over time so replacement is fairly straightforward. Simply unplug your pump, remove the cover on the impeller housing, remove the old impeller and insert the new one, taking care not to snap the fragile ceramic shaft.

Why do impellers need to be replaced?

Impellers are a long-term consumable product, similar to a tyre for a car. As the only moving part of your pond pump, they are exposed to friction, and over time this inevitably causes them to wear down and break. It's a good idea to check your impeller a few times each year and order a replacement if it looks worn.




Material Plastic/magnet/ceramic
Colour White/black



Suitable for Model
1400 Filter Pump SWE18012
2300 Filter Pump SWE18013
3300 Filter Pump 71798
4500 Filter Pump 18014
7500 Filter Pump 18015
10500 Filter Pump 21544
13000 Filter Pump 21551
16000 Filter Pump 31113
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