Ocean Nutrition Red Seaweed

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Ocean Nutrition Red Seaweed is a fish food to help feed softmouthed fish in marine environments, giving grazers a natural way to get the nutrients they need to keep living a healthy, happy life in your aquarium.


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Product Information

Ocean Nutrition Red Seaweed is a nutrient rich food for your marine fish. It's ideal for colourful species such as Angelfish, Damsel fish and other soft mouthed fish.

It can be used as a tasty treat alongside another everyday food, and can be fed to your fish via clip included, or attached to a rock within the aquarium. Fish will then graze as they would in the wild.

The seaweed is rich in natural protein, which boosts the most healthy growth and development. Garlic extract is also added to entice the most finicky eaters, and the garlic works with the added vitamin C for an improved immune system.

You could also try the Brown Seaweed and the Green Seaweed to boost nutrient levels and offer your fish some variety.

Contains 50 sheets of seaweed, simply use what you require.

Feeding Instructions:

For a 200 litre aquarium, use a 2 x 3" strip. Remove any excess after a couple of hours to avoid a waste build-up.

Ingredients:- 100% Natural Dried Seaweed, 100% Digestible and high in Vitamin C.

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